Penny Rug finished

I finished my penny rug project. It’s the first one I’ve ever made and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

For more information about penny rugs you can go to:

Or just do what I did and search for Penny Rugs – you’ll find oodles of websites that have lots of wonderful ideas.

On another note; I mentioned that I had finished Part 2 of my mystery quilts. Here are photos of my progress with them:

Not very interesting right now, is it? Like I said before, I am going to avoid mystery quilts from now on. All this waiting and wondering is driving me crazy.

I have found out something about myself – when I start a project I want to keep working on it until . . . well, until I get tired of working on it! I don’t like having to stop because I don’t know the next step. It is obvious to me that I don’t have a problem with abandoning a project (because I know just how many works in progress there are waiting for me to complete!!) But I apparently I don’t like it when someone else forces me to stop!! I’m independent that way!!


4 thoughts on “Penny Rug finished

  1. It’s so beautiful! The hearts between the star points turned out great! I haven’t touched my projects since I got home Sunday night. I had a job interview this week and lots of eBay work. Oh, well. Maybe tonight while Kevin plays poker. Did Tim like his quilt top? Did he agree to a long arm yet? I read a blog where a woman with a long arm had 50 tops to quilt yet. Maybe there is a magic number of tops that would convince him!
    I can’t wait to see what you work on next.


  2. Thanks! I’m so glad we decided on those hearts. Yes, Tim likes his quilt top. No, he hasn’t agreed to a long arm yet. I haven’t reached the magic number, but I’m going to keep trying!!


  3. I think Bev and I should help you by making a lot of tops to add to the large pile that will convince him how necessary this really is. You don’t need to tell him that some of the tops are ours! Bev, you can start out by adding the basket quilt to the pile…hmmmm…I’ll see what I’ve got.


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