A reply to a comment

My good friend, Jeanine, wrote to me regarding this:

“I love the triangle block–it’s a favorite design of mine. Am I seeing right that they are less than 1″ squares , 25 squares combined to make a less than 5″ square unfinished??. I plan to make a similar quilt but larger blocks. What size would you recommend if I want to make it a little larger. I agree with you that a small block makes a better design. Do you think it is easier/ faster to make smaller blocks? I have only made very small items with such small blocks, so I am trying to imagine making a bed size quilt with such small blocks.”

Yes, Jeanine, you are seeing correctly. I based my design on an antique quilt that I saw one time. I’m not sure if my triangles are bigger or smaller than the antique but I know they are small. It is definitely not faster to make smaller blocks. You would think that, since there are smaller seams it would go faster. But it’s harder to manipulate smaller pieces. So it takes about the same time or longer to make a small block than it does a big block.

The trick to making a big quilt with small blocks is to not be in a hurry to get it finished! I would love to see this as a finished quilt, but I know that it is going to be quite some time from now. I’ll just have to be patient!!

As to making a larger block – I cut squares at 1 3/4″, match a light and a dark square, draw a diagonal line on the light square, then sew 1/4″ seams on either side of the diagonal line, cut on the drawn line and I have two half-square triangles that measure slightly more than an inch. I wasn’t aiming for any specific size of block when I chose those measurements – I think I pulled some scraps that were only 1 3/4″ wide so I went with that size!! I’ll just make blocks until the quilt is the size that seems right and won’t worry about the actual measurements of the blocks!

Maybe you could start with larger squares – 3″ squares would turn into approx. 2 1/4″ half square triangles. Just experiment until you find something that appeals to you. At least that is my cavalier approach to quilt making – I don’t play by many rules!! I hope this helps.

On another note – I found this little nugget of wisdom the other day:

In the description for a GOOD WIFE – (NIV) Proverbs 31:22 – She makes coverings for her bed . . .

If DH starts to complain about the time or money spent on quilting, he’s going to hear that!!


One thought on “A reply to a comment

  1. thank so much for your comments and advice. I will get my box out with various size triangles and put them up on the board and then see how small I can make a block. I experienced taking a lot of time working with small triangles and now I know it is to be expected!


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