Quilt Camp is so nice!

What a wonderful weekend. We arrived at camp on Friday evening. First order of business was to unload the cars. I had already taken some things to the cabin, so I didn’t have as much, but I still had plenty. I think we were all planning to be there for a month instead of just a weekend!!!

On Friday evening I cut all the pieces for Part 2 of my mystery quilts. I have decided I might not like mystery quilts all that much!! At least this one isn’t doing too much for me. Part 2 was cutting more of the same two fabrics and then sewing some strips onto the previous pieces from Part 1. There are still two other fabrics that I have done nothing with yet. Part 3 will not be out until the May/June issue of McCall’s Quilting. I want to see what this is going to be like!!! I think from now on I will stick to a fully formed pattern to make my quilts with. I don’t like waiting to find out what happens next.

Saturday morning we got up and had a delicious breakfast that Barb had prepared. Egg casserole and blueberry muffins. Yum! Then we started into our projects. Bev finished this little quilt:

I liked the label that she put on the back:

I blocked some of the info on the label to protect privacy! She also finished another donation quilt that she had started last weekend. Then she began working on her challenge quilt for her quilt guild.

Barb worked on one project the entire weekend – but what a project!

This is her challenge quilt for her quilt guild. The challenge is to make a quilt based on a song. Can you guess the songs that Bev and Barb chose.

I worked on a number of things. First was sewing the strips that I had cut onto the pieces I had made from Part 1 for my mystery quilts. Then I started sewing pieces for a quilt that is going to be for DH. I used the rest of the moose fabric that I had used in the donation quilt I made last weekend. Then added a few other blue and green fabrics with just a couple browns as accent. Where I made 4 patches in the donation quilt, I’m using nine patches for DH. I think he will like it.

The rest of the time over the weekend, I worked on a penny rug of my own design. I’ve often thought about making a penny rug, so I finally bit the bullet and started one. I’m pretty happy with the way this is starting to look.

Sunday evening came too soon and we had to pack everything back up and come back to reality. Boo-hoo! But we’ll plan another retreat soon and have a wonderful time again.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Camp is so nice!

  1. Oh, we had so much fun! It’s hard going back to the real world after spending days playing with fabric. You make our projects look even better than real life! Thank you for letting us use your beautiful, peaceful cabin. The gently falling snow made it so pretty. When I got home, Kevin said Saturday was the worst winter day we’ve had this year. High winds and almost ten inches of snow. We picked a good time to run away.


  2. I agree! Only wish we had the ten inches at the cabin because we would still be there…stitching away. I conveniently had packed a few extra clothes…just in case. But alas, we had to come home. I’ll just have to start dreaming about our next Quilt Camp.


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