Poor little orphans

After the major search for my missing book, I had a few things out of place in the sewing room. And by few I mean everything that wasn’t nailed down was in the middle of the floor!!! So now I am trying create some semblance of order, or at least getting things off the floor, so that I can walk through the room! While sorting through things I came across a box without a label (I do try to label the boxes so I have some idea of what is inside) Inside were some works in progress from many, many years ago and a few orphan blocks left over from finished projects.

I have no idea how long ago I started this project. I had seen a quilt with this pattern and decided to make one for myself. I really like this pattern. The subtle background treatment appeals to me. But I got discouraged and never went back to it when I started sewing the blocks together. Apparently, in my younger days I wasn’t as concerned with an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. These blocks are all different sizes and points – well, are they really THAT important? Corners and points do not match and the edges are all ragged.

Another postage stamp quilt – same problems.

These were left over from a project I made for my MIL. I have 10 blocks – not enough for a big quilt. Should I try to make more blocks or just make a small quilt with them.

These were left over from a quilt that I made for my mom. What will I do with them?

What do you do with your orphan blocks? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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