A new gadget

During my play date this past Saturday, when I went to visit with Bev and Barb, we decided to check out the local Jo Ann’s. I really didn’t need any fabric, but of course, some jumped into my hands while I was there and insisted that I take it home!!!

I liked this batik. It looks “jungle-ish” to me. I think I will be using it in a little project that I want to work on.

I have no idea what I will use this for!! I just liked the retro look and thought it was fun. I may use some to make an Easter apron, but am undecided about that.

I am half in love with this little gadget. I saw it at Jo Ann’s and decided to splurge on it. It is a battery operated OTT light. It puts out a really nice spot of light. It clips to my shirt so that I can focus it on whatever I am working on. What I love about it, is I can have a nice bright light to work with, but it isn’t a big light that would bother other people (like a certain DH!) So, if he wants the lights out and I want to be able to sew, we can now both be happy. Also, when we are dry camping and don’t have electric hook up, I will be able to use this light when I wake up early in the morning. You don’t know how boring it is when I wake up before the sun and can’t see to do anything. Well, the camper has battery lights, but they’re not really very bright. Now I’ll be able to see what I’m doing. Yeah!!!

Only today and tomorrow to get through until quilt camp!!


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