What a great weekend!

I had a chance to join my good friends, Bev and Barb on Saturday. And even though my sinuses were giving me a hard time, I just had to go. We spent the day with some other ladies from their quilt guild making donation quilts. I made sure to cut some strips to take, so that I can count the one I worked on as a fulfillment of my New Year’s resolution. Here’s the fabric I picked out for this particular donation quilt.

I thought these had a nice masculine feel. It will be nice to donate this to some gentleman. Between all the talking and eating (OMGoodness there was a lot of good food!!!) I managed to get the top all sewn together.

I actually also got it quilted and binding machine sewn onto the edge. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of that. I still have to hand sew the binding, which I will (hopefully) get done this evening. Then it will be all ready to donate!! And I will have finally finished one donation quilt!!

Funny note: I showed this quilt to DH and he couldn’t believe that I wasn’t making it for him! I guess I’m really going to have to get on the ball and make another for him!!

I want to thank eveyone for their thoughts about the missing book. I knew if I had enough positive energy sent out into the universe, that it would eventually show up. And it has!!! Guess where! I didn’t mention it during my rant on the blog last Friday, but I had checked on the bookshelf in my sewing room at least three times. And I just knew that it would probably show up on that very bookshelf when I finally found it. So, of course, when I was looking for another book on that very bookshelf, guess what I found?!


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