Not my quilts

Today’s post went in a different direction. I was going to post about my redwork ornaments project and some other miscellany. But this morning while I was eating breakfast, I began re-reading a little book that I’ve had for a few years. The book is “Zen and the Art of Quilting” by Sandra Detrixhe. I think I originally purchased the book to give to a friend who expressed an interest in making a quilt, but had never done quilting before. I thought it might be inspirational to her. But I had to read it – just to make sure that it would be a good book to give – and then it never got given. My bad!!

Anyway, I read a section of the book called “Records on Quilts” It is about telling the story of a quilt and if we don’t record what we know about our quilts, their stories will be silenced. What especially struck me was this, “We shouldn’t take for granted that our children will know which grandmother made those old quilts in the trunk.” How very true. Sometimes, if we don’t make a record of it, we forget which grandmother made a quilt.

So I had to get the old quilts out of the trunk and make a beginning to record the history of them.

If I remember correctly, this quilt was made by my DH’s grandmother on his mother’s side – Jessie Davis. I would guess the date to be somewhere in the late forties because my MIL told me that she had helped embroider the buttonhole stitch around the butterflies when she was a child. There is also a pink flower embroidered in the center of each block:

The pink has faded so you can hardly see it.

Another butterfly quilt by Grandma Davis. I actually can’t remember if it was this one or the other that my MIL said she worked on. Maybe it was both. Both quilts are machine quilted. I believe that I was told that Grandma Davis did not do hand quilting and she used her treadle machine to quilt her quilts.

This quilt was made by DH other grandmother – Cora Savage. She used all types of fabrics, including double knits. This is a seventy’s quilt, maybe into the eighty’s. It is tied and the backing fabric is a polyester knit. Very heavy. Bev you and your DH might be able to fill in more info about Grandma Savage’s quilting.

My plan is to make labels for these quilts so the what little I know (or think I know!) will not get lost.


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