I started this before noon!!

Even though it didn’t get published until afternoon, I did at least start. It’s the starting part that is the hardest. Once you actually sit down and begin, you’ve won half the battle. At least for me that is how it works. Since, once it’s started, I want to finish!

I had a nice, but very long day with mom. I left fairly early yesterday – actually just a few minutes after I hit the publish button on my post! I had to stop at the local quilt shop before I went to mom’s. And when I say “had to” I mean that the car seems to automatically turn there anytime I am in the neighborhood!!

Found some very nice Civil War reproductions – the owner is responding to requests to stock more of it.

The two at the top are by Barbara Brackman for Moda. The two on the bottom are by Jo Morton for Andover. I think I might already have a piece of the green, but I really like it, so it’s cool to have more.

Then I looked on the clearance rack and found this:

There were four yards left on the bolt. If you buy all that’s left on the bolt it’s $3.00 per yard. If you get it cut, it’s $3.99 per yard. I took the four yards. I can always use it for backing or donation quilts.

When I got to mom’s, she wasn’t ready to go – we still had a few hours until her appointment. So I asked if she had an iron and ironing board. Mom doesn’t quilt or sew and all her laundry does not require pressing, thus the question. She did have both items – the iron was still in the box, she had never opened it! While she got ready to go, I pressed all the fabrics – the 4 yds. of light floral were especially wrinkled.

Went out for a Chinese buffet lunch, then on to the doctor’s office. I got this much done on a third redwork ornament, while waiting:

Almost three done and only one more to go!


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