The day after Superbowl

I did not care who won last night, so I was not disappointed!! Went to our cousin’s house for the traditional Superbowl party and was not disappointed there either. OMGoodness, the food was fantastic! And, of course, getting to see everyone is wonderful too!

What was your favorite commercial (if you were watching)? I liked the Doritos ads. The baby that steals his older brothers chips is adorable.

I always take some sort of project to stitch when I go to the party, cause I cannot sit and just watch TV for hours on end. This is what I was working on last night:

These are redwork Christmas ornaments that I am working on for our quilt group. At Christmas there is a local event called the Festival of Trees. Various organizations decorate Christmas trees that are then auctioned off to raise money for a local women’s shelter. Our group is going to decorate with redwork ornaments. This is how much I finished last night:

One down and three more to go. I like the embroidery, which is very easy to do. I’ve been thinking of a redwork quilt I’d like to make some day and I know I will enjoy doing it. I just need to finish a few other things first!!!!

Barb – I hope you are enjoying lots of sunshine right now. I think you and Bev can plan on doing a quilt retreat this weekend – if you’d like! It looks like my schedule is going to be clear after all. We’ll work out details once you’re back.

Maybe I can work on my donation quilts for January and February. I’ve got the strips cut out, I just need to sew them together. Here’s February’s fabrics:

These have a more masculine look, I thought.


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