I need to listen to my own advice!

What was that I said about posting before noon? I thought I said that I should post before noon or I probably wouldn’t post at all. Life seems to get in the way if I wait too long. And all the best intentions in the world do not make a post appear on my blog if I don’t actually sit down and type something on the computer.

And, of course, that is what happened yesterday. DH needed me to run an errand for him in the morning. I thought I’d get back in plenty of time to be on the computer before noon, so I ran out to take care of his needs. But then I had to take care of some things for DS#2. Then I had to pick up a young lady from school since her dad wouldn’t be home in time to get her. And that is how the day slipped away!

One thing I was able to do (which has really needed to be done!!) is take my work table from this:

To this:

The trick is going to be keeping it this way. I’m keeping my current projects on the worktable which means there is:
1) the little log cabins and the strips for them in the two plastic shoe boxes.
2) the strips for the January donation quilt which I have, unfortunately, not put together yet.
3) the fabric and Timtex for my purse organizer.
4) the cigar box has 1 1/2″ squares, which I save for some future postage stamp quilt
5) the small clear box has 1″ squares, which is for an even smaller postage stamp quilt
6) the white triple layer box holds small notions
Hopefully, I can finish these projects before I stack more stuff on top of all of this!! One good thing about clearing the worktable – I feel motivated to get right in and sew because I have a place to spread things out.

Jeanine – I’m using all my 30’s reproduction fabrics for my Tea Leaves. They are so cheerful to work with. I like having a small project that I can carry with me to work on at odd moments. It helps to pass the time when waiting at a doctor’s office, or at the Motor Vehicle Administration, or just waiting on DH when he says he’ll just be a minute (yeah right!!)

Barb – Thank you for saying my silly blog is a bright spot in your day. I’m glad you enjoy it!


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