Saturday, January 21, 2012

I’m trying to stick to my resolutions and, as I’ve mentioned, one is to exercise and lose weight. I’ve been trying to be very good and exercise every day. Right now I am riding a stationary bike. I don’t mean at this very minute! But at this time in my exercise journey. Anyway, my bike is in the cellar. I do not have a finished basement, I have a cellar. The floor is concrete, the walls are cinder block – painted a lovely shade of off white mixed with water stains and dirt! The freezer is down there, there are canning shelves with lots of jars (mostly empty since I only have to put by for two people now instead of six.) There are lots of boxes with holiday decorations. Toys left behind by now grown children. DH has a workbench where he does no work because the surface is heaped with debris from previous home improvement projects. To say the least, it is not a very entertaining area. I have to do something to distract myself while I’m pedaling furiously to nowhere. I can read, sort of, but it gives me a headache if I do it for very long. Mostly, I think of things I need to do or things I can say on my blog (like this particular post!) I also think of quilts that I can work on – I now have plans for about 10 other quilts that I’d like to work on. I wish there was a way to pedal my bike and be able to sew at the same time!!!

I wanted to show some fabric acquisitions I’ve made over the holidays.

DD gave these quarter yard pieces to me for Christmas. The 30’s reproduction fabrics will go very nicely in my tea leaves quilt. The blue fabric on the left of the photo, she said, was wild and crazy like me!

I found this really cute sheep fabric at the local quilt shop. I thought it would be really nice in a child’s quilt. I could also cut blocks out for I-Spy quilts.


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