Mystery Quilt x 2

I think I posted about my quilt group doing a mystery quilt challenge. The pattern is in the McCall’s Quilting magazine – part 1 is in Jan/Feb issue. Part 2 will be in the March/April issue and part 3 will be in May/June. I’ve got part 1 done on both of my mystery quilts.

The story about having two quilts is this. I had picked out the fabric for the bird quilt. I had the bird fabric, and the light fabric with the small flowers. I had picked out an orange fabric to go with them and I had to have 4 1/2 yards of a tone on tone. I picked out a nice green that I thought would work. Then I put all the fabrics together in my sewing room and thought about them for a little bit. First the orange had to go. Orange is not my favorite color – nothing against orange, just not my favorite. So I replaced it with the pink. Much better. But the green was too green (if you know what I mean.)

Back to the fabric store I went to find a more muted green tone on tone. I am much happier with the final selection. So I started making the blocks that were called for in part 1. The result is in the above photo. But now I had 4 1/2 yards of a lovely green tone on tone fabric and what was I going to do with it? Serendipitously, when searching for something to replace the orange fabric, I had pulled out a stack of Christmas fabrics – Aha!! That was the solution. I would make another (ANOTHER!!) mystery quilt with Christmas fabric.

I had pulled these together for the second quilt and had almost started cutting when I changed my mind.

Here’s the final selection for the Christmas mystery quilt. Now I just have to wait for the next issue of McCall’s Quilting to be available, so that I can move on to the next part!


One thought on “Mystery Quilt x 2

  1. Woo Hoo! You’re back! With pictures, even. Your new projects look great. Sometimes its easier to do lots of the same piecing. While I “helped” Amber during her recovery, I finished four donation quilt tops. Very easy four patch pattern. Amber and her roommate said I was trying to make them feel like they didn’t get much done, when I’d shown them a new top every day. Course, the pieces were already cut, and I didn’t have to work on ebay packages, or laundry, or even meals mostly. Nice vacation.


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