Testing, testing

I think I’m back on-line with my blog!! I had to sign up for a new cellular modem (air card, whatever.) But I think I’ve got it!

Hallelujah! This photo loaded in a few seconds and didn’t have any errors! BTW – these are the blocks that were made by my quilt group. Mine is the second from the right up by the headboard. Thelma won the blocks – yeah for her! Can’t wait to see how she puts them all together.

This is a close up of the quilting on DS#3 quilt. I used a variegated blue thread on all of it. I was going to use gold thread on the blue fabric and the blue thread on the gray. But when I tried the gold thread, it just didn’t look right.

Well, it looks like I’m up and running again. I’ll get back in the groove so that I can keep up with my New Year’s resolution to post everyday! Oh, hooray for me! I’ve lost another 3 lbs. since I posted last!!! That’s another resolution that is working out right now!


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