Keeping this short and sweet

I have a long to do list today, but I didn’t want to neglect my followers! DH is out and about today, plowing driveways due to the first significant snowfall. We got about 6″ of the white stuff. It makes things look so pretty, but I hate to drive in it! Fortunately, it isn’t snowing right now, so I should be able to see where I’m driving. I was out in it yesterday and cut my trip short because the visibility was so bad.

Well, I was going to upload a few photos of Christmas “stuff” but I keep getting error messages!! Gr-r-r-r! So this is shorter and not as sweet as I planned on.

Take a deep breath, calm down and remember the reason for the season!


One thought on “Keeping this short and sweet

  1. Glad to read you are moving ahead regardless of the setbacks. I’m still in Connecticut visiting daughter and grandchildren. no time for quilting unless cutting fleece into receiving blankets for new granddaughter counts..!? will check back soon to see the Christmas photos. in the meantime I will take your suggestion and remember to be thankful for the meaning of Christmas.


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