OMGoodness! It is the holiday season, isn’t it? I’m sorry I haven’t been available for the last week (or more).
First, Thank you Bev! Your package arrived at just the right time!! I’m sure some of the blues will wind up in the log cabins. I found a use for the one strip of blue.

I don’t know if you can tell which blue fabric I used, but I think it added just the right amount of contrast onto my wall hanging.

I finished this on Saturday afternoon about 1:00pm – guests were arriving by 3:00!! So I got it done just in time. Then, of course, no one commented about it at all!!! Oh well, I like it!!

I’ve been working double time to try to finish DS#3 quilt. Not sure yet if I will get it done in time or not. If my days are like the past few, I won’t. I’m hoping for better things.

I’ll leave you with this for now:

My ceiling is not that dirty – it’s just the light and shadow!! Honest!!

2 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Glad you could use the blues! You must have shaved the pieces to have enough for an accent on your maple leaves quilt. It looks great! Silly guests only cared about eating. Don’t they know what’s important? Keep working on educating the granddaughters, they’ll catch on. You really work to deadlines. I would have ended up with a migraine with that much pressure to be ready.
    Finished the last corner on the hexie center. Deciding what blocks to do next to go around it. Slight detour while I make a doll size quilt for Dee for Christmas. I think I’ll be making a red and white tree everlasting for her out of solids. As much as she loves fabric, she doesn’t like patterned fabric in quilts. The Red & White Quilt Show in NY was just her style. Wonder if I can get it done by Sat. for our Christmas Luncheon show and tell? Guess I set myself deadlines too. I’ll start the cutting tonight.


  2. I really like the fall colors and the fabric choices for the quilt. It’s just the right size for the space. the points are matched well. I agree with Bev the guests were too hungry to speak and enjoying the delicious food to much to avert their eyes from their next spoonful.


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