Hooray for Hunting Camp!

DH has left for a week of hunting at the cabin. Yippee!! I have a week of freedom to do whatever I want – as long as I want to clean the house and fix all the food for my Thanksgiving dinner!!! I do get to fit some sewing time in, too! I was up until 1:30 last night (this morning) working on a new project. I had a blank wall that needed to have some sort of decoration. Yesterday afternoon I came up with an idea. I decided to make a wall hanging for that spot. No pictures yet, but I’m hoping to finish it very quickly and will post as soon as it is done.
Today I have to run a lot of errands, but then I hope to have the rest of the week free to do things here at the house.

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Hunting Camp!

  1. I bet I know what the new project is! It’s the hexie bikini! Strange choice for your dining room, but as long as you’re happy. Bwaa haa haa!

    Finished the 2nd corner on my hexies, only two more to go. Kevin’s already asking what’s next. Not sure if he’s encouraging me to complete a large quilt or making fun of me knowing I’m likely to jump in on a different project and let this one “age” a while. It’s all good.


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