Puppy Sitting

DD got herself a new puppy. This is in addition to her other dog, Honey. Even though Mom and Dad told her that new puppies are a lot of hard work. Even thought we told her that he would chew on everything she owned. Even though we said he would take a while to get house trained.

Even though we said all that, she got a puppy. His name is Beau.

Isn’t he adorable?

And now that he is leaving piles and puddles, now that he is chewing on everything she has, now that she has realized she can’t just leave him in the house all day while she is work – Now, I get to puppy sit!!!

Did I want to get a new puppy? NO! Do I have the time to watch a new puppy? Well, I’d rather be quilting! Right now he is sleeping on my feet, which feels pretty good. But I’m going to have to get up sometime soon.

At the quilt show last weekend there was also a “Boutique” where member could sell some of their quilt related items. I scored some more fabrics to add variety to my little log cabins. They were selling all the fabric remnants at $2.00 per yard, so I think I did good.

Well, as much as I would like to let sleeping dogs lie, I need to get to work. Peace!

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