Running Errands

I am posting very quickly this morning, since I have to be out the door in a half hour. My single vision glasses need to be replaced, so I have to go to the “eye store”, plus get groceries, and also go to the chiropractor. And, of course, each errand is in a different town!
At our last quilt group meeting we were given fabric to make a Christmas block. Here are the fabrics:

We can use only and each of these four fabrics. There is more of the gold fabric than any of the others, so a number of ladies thought that should be the background fabric. But I like to bend rules sometimes.
I started looking through my books for a block that would look good with four colors. I finally found this:

This is from “A Treasury of Mennonite Quilts” by Rachel and Kenneth Pellman. It is a Dresden Plate variation made by Sarah Beckner in approx 1905. It just so happened to be made in the same type of colors I have to work with.
I drafted a pattern based on the antique quilt:

I made the outer arc a little wider and the center plate a little smaller. I want to have this finished for the next meeting which is November 8. Wish me luck.

One thought on “Running Errands

  1. Hi Katy. You left a comment on my blog and I can’t reply privately because you are a “no reply” blogger. Please try to contact me with an email address.


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