I don’t have any real progress to report on any of my projects. I am still trying to get the studio organized to some extent. But it’s slow going. I did not realize I had so much stuff in one small room!! My devious plan to convince my husband that I NEED a long arm quilter has been put on hold until a later date, since one part of the plan was to have a place for it. I’m not really anywhere near making room for a machine and table at this point, so I’m going to wait a while. Have no fear, I am not defeated – I shall get one someday!!! BTW – anyone that would like to give me recommendations for a good machine, I’d love to hear from you. I have not settled on what brand I want to purchase yet.

I was looking at the pictures I took while we were camping at the Forestry show. I almost forgot what this one was about:

My granddaughter was there, but she was the only young girl present. All the rest of the children were boys. So she needed to entertain herself. This is what she came up with. Her aunt (my DD) was eating pistachios and some of the nuts were able to be pulled from the shells without breaking the shells apart. DGD gathered them up and marked eyes on them. They were her pets which she called Wibble-Wobbles. Wibble-Wobbles live lives of constant danger because there are some people that mistake them for trash and throw them away! I think this photo is the third or fourth generation of Wibble-Wobbles that she had collected. I thought I’d share this story since it showed a lot of creativity on her part!

I was also able to get a photo of the completed quilt that our quilt group made for the play. It was displayed at a local quilt show put on by our group.

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