Where does the time go?

Whoa, I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted last. I blame my crazy schedule – I don’t have one! Which means I just have to deal with things as they come up. First we were camping:

I made a portable design board to take the hexie project with me. I thought I might get it finished that weekend (yes, I am aware that I am delusional!!) I did get a lot done on it though.
We were at a forestry show in Ohio, not my “thing” really, but everyone else enjoyed it:

DH and DD waiting to watch this giant machine turn logs into mulch. Woo-hoo!
After camping, I had a lot of office stuff to do AND I’m still trying to get my studio organized! Then we had a party to plan and prepare for this past Saturday. We had a good time at that even though the power went out in the late afternoon! Probably because of limbs blown down on lines due to high winds – although everyone teased me about not paying the power bill.

I still managed to do some sewing by lamp light. How did women do all the amazing things they did with only candlelight?? Bev was there, too. You can see her hexie quilt behind the lamp.
I posted early since I have a full day today. I better get started. Peace.

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