Ok, so I’m working on organizing the sewing studio.(I’m still trying to accomplish my devious plan to get a long arm quilting machine.) But I don’t seem to be making much progress. I keep running across more projects that need to be finished. Or, worse, materials for projects that haven’t even been started.
And then there are things like this:

Pieces of fabric that I can’t decide what to do about. Is this so ugly that it should be burned? Or is it something that will make my next project POP?
Decisions, decisions!

One thought on “Progress??

  1. That’s so funny, Im reading along thinking where’d she find that incredible Green with the cool thin black lines I want some, and then you say it’s ugly! If you hate it, I want it. Really, it’s just perfect for my son’s quilt. Funny, I often think fabrics everybody raves about are ugly, now it’s been turned on it’s head. I’m weird, ask my daughter. Sam


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