Y oh Y

I finally finished those two blocks with the blankety-blank Y seams!!! I mean just one minute ago!! I thought I’d have them finished before this, but things do not always go smoothly on the quilting path. I had followed the directions EXACTLY as they were given to me, knowing that the blocks needed to be 20 1/2″ once I had them sewn together. I double checked my 1/4″ seam so that I would not be off. Well, those blankety-blank triangles were not large enough!! I had to un-sew the triangles, cut larger ones, then re-sew them back in! Not my favorite thing to do!!!!
But here they are on the design wall, all ready to be assembled for the play.

Please do not look too closely at the points. Some of them matched up very nicely, but the rest, well . . . I’d rather not think about them!
Here’s what I’m going to get back to now that I’m done with the above:

I think this gives you an idea of my progress on the log cabin blocks. The ones to the left are finished and I’ve pinned groups of ten together, to make counting them easier. My shoeboxes are getting low, I’ll need to cut some more 1″ strips.

I’ve also got all the flower pieces cut out and paper glued to the back of them. I still need to cut out the background pieces for all of them.

One thought on “Y oh Y

  1. Wow! You are so productive! I really love your mini log cabin blocks. I MUST NOT start another long term project. Kevin constantly asks if the hexies will be left in the dirt when I jump to “The Next Project”, as I print out patterns from the internet and drool over quilt magazines. He knows me too well.

    We need a trip to Findleyville soon.


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