No time for play

This is a katydid.

I thought I would have a picture of two finished blocks that I could share today. They are close to being done, but not quite finished.
DH and DS stayed at home today to get work done around here. Yippee! they were cleaning out the basement and are now working on cleaning out the shed beside the barn. These are things that desperately needed to be done. The shed roof is half rotted away, and the whole thing needs to be torn down. But there was “stuff” in it, so it could never get done. But, hooray, hooray, he’s cleaning it out today!! Maybe that eyesore will be gone soon!
Anyway, since hubby is home, I can’t sit down to sew any old time I like. For one thing, he keeps calling me to answer questions about the necessity of one item or another. Then he needs a drink or a snack. So I cannot finish anything that I am working on. I’m just lucky he hasn’t interrupted me while I’m typing this post.
I’m not going to press my luck. Besides, I have to get some notices out to the mailbox before the mail carrier goes through. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the blocks this evening or tomorrow morning before DH wakes up.

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