More Quilts in my Collection

I’ve been doing a lot of prep work for the little hexie quilt I’ve been working on – cutting out paper pieces, cutting the fabric pieces, gluing the paper to the back of the fabric, etc. So I don’t really have any thing to show for that (unless I took a picture of the piles of pieces, which I haven’t!)
I am slowly working on getting photos of the quilts I have made. There are a few that are lost to me forever, but I’m tracking down any that are still in existence.

I made this for the Davis family reunion on July 18, 2004. It was raffled off and one of DH’s uncles won it. He just recently gave this back to me. I need to make a label for the back – I forgot it back in 2004!

This is the quilting on the setting blocks. I decided on the froggies since there were frogs on some of the fabric. I dropped the feed dogs and went to town! I didn’t worry about making the froggies perfect, I just had fun with it.

This is one that I did not make. DH rescued it for me. It was in a house that was getting cleaned out and this was going to the trash. Even though the stains have not come out, it is a cozy quilt. I imagine that it was made sometime in the 80’s although I’m not a quilt expert. I think the colors reflect that time period.

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